Udemy Business Pro Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions were last updated on October 12, 2021.

The terms and conditions below apply to Customer’s access of Udemy Business Pro. All terms not defined herein will have the definitions ascribed to them in the Master Services Agreement between Udemy and Customer.

  1. Customer consents and agrees that Udemy Business Pro may be provided through a third-party provider. Udemy Business Pro allows Customer and its Users to access certain third-party platforms, including, as available, Amazon Web Services (“Cloud Platforms”). Each Cloud Platform is provided by its respective provider (each a “Cloud Provider”) and is governed by and subject to its own agreement or terms and conditions (and all “acceptable use” or similar policies) (“Cloud Provider Terms”). Customer agrees to comply with, and ensure its Users comply with, all Cloud Provider Terms and the terms and conditions of any third party provider.

  2. In the event that Customer’s actual usage of Udemy Business Pro exceeds the number of Udemy Business Pro licenses purchased by Customer, then Udemy may notify customer of such excess usage and invoice (the “True Up Invoice”) Customer for the additional Users using Udemy Business Pro (the “Excess Users”). The fees payable for the Excess Users will be the rate listed in Customer’s Udemy Business Pro Order Form, prorated for the remainder of that Order Form’s Subscription Period so that all Udemy Business Pro User subscription periods coincide and are co-terminus. Customer will pay the True Up Invoice in accordance with the payment terms listed on the relevant Order Form.

  3. Customer acknowledges and agrees that: (a) Customer is solely responsible for all content inputted by Customer or its Users in connection with use of Udemy Business Pro (collectively, “Interactive Content”) including on the server instances that provide interactive environments as a part of Udemy Business Pro (“Interactive Sessions”); and (b) neither Udemy, its Affiliates, or licensors will have any responsibility to preserve or store the Interactive Content.

  4. Customer shall not, nor permit its Users to:

    1. provide web, database, or forum access, or engage in cryptocurrency mining, on or through Udemy Business Pro,

    2. exceed the usage limitations (including, but not limited to, Interactive Session quantity or duration, or User number limitations) applicable to Customer’s use of Udemy Business Pro,

    3. use or access an Interactive Session in any commercial production environment, or

    4. use any data or information other than simulated, anonymous, non-personal, non-live data when using Udemy Business Pro, and will not use real customer data or information or real transactions when using Udemy Business Pro.

  5. A violation of Section 4 of these Udemy Business Pro Terms and Conditions will be considered a breach of the Agreement. In addition to Udemy’s remedies for Customer’s breach of the Agreement, Udemy may remove any Interactive Content that violates Section 4 of these Udemy Business Pro Terms and Conditions.