CorpU Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions were last updated on October 12, 2021.

The terms and conditions below apply to Customer’s use of the CorpU Offering, as described below. All terms not defined herein have the definitions ascribed to them in the Master Services Agreement between Udemy and Customer.

  1. CorpU Offering. By purchasing access to the CorpU Offering, as specified in the relevant Order Form, Customer will receive access to a cohort based, synchronous and asynchronous, learning catalog (the “Cohort Enterprise Licenses”) with certain Cohort-based Content accessible through a learning online platform (the “Cohort Enterprise Platform”) that include Cohort Services (as described further below). Customer consents and agrees that the CorpU Offering will be provided through Udemy’s wholly owned subsidiary, CUX, Inc., d.b.a. CorpU.

  2. Cohort Services. During the term of the Agreement, Cohort Enterprise Licenses will include services provided by Udemy (the “Cohort Services”), which may include: (i) account implementation, cohort administration, moderator and faculty coordination tasks associated with running any Cohort Enterprise Licenses, (ii) facilitation and moderation, and (iii) learning related insights regarding the cohort. Cohort Services do not include facilitation, moderation or administration of Customer proprietary content. Notwithstanding the above, delivery of certain cohort learning content may incur additional faculty fees with the delivery of such content. Any additional services not set forth herein and requested by Customer, will be separately scoped and at an additional cost.

  3. Cohort Enterprise Licenses. Udemy’s Content Team selects cohort learning content to be included in the catalog. Access to the catalog is limited to authorized Users of the Cohort Enterprise Licenses to view this content during the subscription term of the applicable Order Form. All Cohort Enterprise Licenses to the cohort learning content will be delivered via cohorts with each cohort requiring a minimum of 25 participants. To the extent such cohorts do not have the required minimum number of participants, Udemy reserves the right to cancel, interrupt or reschedule any course or program. Further, Udemy may reasonably modify its cohort learning content throughout the subscription period in the applicable Order Form. Customer shall provide a minimum of four weeks lead time for the launching of cohorts.

  4. Cohort Enterprise Platform. Customer will be provided access to the Cohort Enterprise Platform for up to the number of Users of Customer and during the subscription term as set forth in the applicable Order Form. Such Cohort Enterprise Platform access shall include, but not be limited to, access to the cohort learning content, any Customer proprietary content and communities of practice. To the extent Customer elects to use the Cohort Enterprise Platform for certain numbers of Users above those in the applicable Order Form for access to and delivery of Customer proprietary content, such access shall be at an additional fee and subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein.

  5. Customer proprietary content. Customer represents and warrants that Customer has all right, title, and interest in and to all Customer proprietary content, materials information (“Customer IP”) provided to Udemy to perform the Services set forth in the applicable Order Form and shall defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Udemy and its and their Affiliates, subsidiaries, directors, officers, employees, and agents with respect to any claims against Udemy regarding such Customer IP.

  6. Vendor Add-ons. Customer agrees that some Cohort Enterprise Licenses may have additional third-party products featured within the cohort learning content (“Vendor Add-ons”). Such access to the Vendor Add-ons is included with your subscription herein however, it may be at an additional cost per User. Prior to any delivery or use of such Vendor Add-ons, Udemy shall provide the pricing to Customer as set forth in an additional Order Form.

  7. User Licenses. Each User license herein is unique to each User and any access to Cohort Enterprise Licenses may not be shared with any other person via shared login or any other method. All User licenses must be used within each one-year period within the subscription period specified on the relevant Order Form. All User licenses unused at the end of each such one-year period will expire, and will not be able to rollover, including in subsequent years of the subscription and in renewal terms. Thereafter, in any subsequent or renewal year the number of User licenses will reset to the contracted number of Users.

    1. For example, and for illustrative purposes only: If Customer purchases 100 Users for a one-year subscription, any unused User licenses at the end of the one-year subscription period will expire.

    2. For example, and for illustrative purposes only: If Customer purchases 100 Users for a three-year subscription, then any unused licenses at the end of the first year of Customer’s subscription will expire, and will not roll over to the second or third years of Customer’s subscription unless otherwise agreed in the relevant Order Form. At the start of Year 2 (or Year 3 as the case may be), Customer shall have access to 100 Users for such annual term.